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What does DAP ME stand for?
DAP ME stands for The Demetrius Antion Posey School of Music Engineering.

What is DAP ME?
DAP ME is a music engineering school that teaches students the behind the scenes of music. DAP ME would like to give back to the community what has been taken out of the schools. Giving students a future in something they love to do.

DAP ME is a program designed to bring high-risk students from all backgrounds back to an atmosphere of growth through their interest in music engineering. The goals of the program are to create equal playing ground for young women with their male peers, combat the increasing gang problem in the inner city, to decrease the minority and student drop out rate and to give students who may not feel they have a future, just that. As the arts have been downsized in our schools, many children are being left behind as they no longer have a creative outlet, DAP ME will work to change that. It is the sincere hope of the founders that DAP ME will begin to create positive and productive students and eventually productive members of society through music engineering.

What is the idea behind this project?
Students will learn, practice and create music while gaining an understanding of the music business. Local musicians will offer lessons and seminars. As a minority owned company at a time in which our government is constantly attempting to limit funding for the arts, DAP ME will attempt to provide opportunities for those students who might not otherwise have access to the tools which make survival in this country possible and enjoyable. It is their hope that these programs will revive young people's faith in themselves and their futures.

How can I get my child involved in their after school music programs?
We are now in the organizing stages of the program. We plan to have fliers for these programs distributed in middle schools throughout the Los Angeles area. Teachers, principals and counselors will be encouraged to recommend these programs to students who might benefit, as well as meet the criteria. Local event listings will carry information about the times and locations of these programs. Email us if you want to be notified as the program gets underway. info@dapme.com

Who will offer these programs, lessons and seminars?
Local talented players and engineers in the music industry will be asked to volunteer some time. Various volunteers as well as DAP ME staff will offer music business seminars.

What makes this company different from other music-related organizations?
DAP ME is exposing students who may not have the opportunity to learn or even have knowledge of the technical aspects of the music industry. We will give them sound industry advice as well as practical and applied industry knowledge and experience.