Demetrius Antion Posey, who was called "Posey" by many of his friends and "Antion" by most of his family.  DAP treated every one special, the elderly and the very young. He seemed to love to make every one happy.

DAP was a very quiet person, no muss and no fuss. You could almost be in the same room with him and not know he was there. He was a very soft spoken, polite, considerate and calm person. Antion was a very good listener and a compassionate person. He was determined to do what he wanted to do. He was the type of person who did not want to impose on others and by doing this he would not ask anyone for anything, no matter how small or large it was. At the same time he would not hesitate to help anyone who needed his help.

Antion has a sister, Danielle Posey, who he loved very much, who was in the foster care system. He last saw her when she was six (6) years old. Danielle is eleven (11) now. He kept her picture with him at all times. Another thing that Antion carried in his wallet along with the picture of his sister was the typed scripture, "The Lord Keeps You Safe" Psalms 27: Versus 1,4,5 and 14.

Antion was a fun person to be around. His little cousins, who came to know and call him Uncle Antion, loved to be around him. His cousins loved to go in his room and look for candy that he had hidden for them.

He loved animals and his last job was as a veterinarian assistant. After being interviewed by the staff at the hospital Antion came home and wrote a letter to the hospital thanking them for interviewing him. His boss said that this had never happened to him before and he was very impressed with this kind of consideration.

Posey was a very talented athlete participating in several sports. He exemplified his calmness under duress. While participating in sports where tempers would flair up, being the person under attack he would calm his teammates down and get on with the business of playing the game. He attended, played football and graduated from Venice High School . Then he attended and played football at Santa Monica College under Coach Robert Taylor. Posey went on to become captain of his high school and college football teams. Posey wore his favorite number #8 in high school but in college the number was worn by Chad Johnson who was later recruited by The Cincinnati Bengals so he took #4. Posey felt he would only spend two years at Santa Monica College and another two years at a university (4+4=8). The University of Utah recruited Posey two years later. Posey also played with Steve Smith at SMC. Steve gives credit to Posey for meeting his wife and being drafted by The Carolina Panthers. Steve felt it would be appropriate to name his foundation after Posey because he changed his life. The foundation is called The Posey Foundation Antion would go to Venice Beach every weekend and play basketball with his friends. He also joined many different basketball leagues throughout the city.

Demetrius was a special person. He did not know how many hearts he touched. He was like his late grandfather, Harry G. Posey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who practiced law in Chicago for forty years. It was not about making money but about helping people in their lives and this quality is the one that we feel is so much like his grandfather. Therefore, it is fitting to dedicate The DAP school of Music Engineering after this very special person.

The logo stands for Demetrius Antion Posey School of Music Engineering and his favorite #8. The 8 turned sideways means infinity. DAP live on. There are two students given each other DAP across the forearm. This brings the students together forever through music.

Demetrius Antion Posey    08/30/1978 - 03/22/2003

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