The Demetrius Antion Posey School of Music Engineering

PO Box 452327 Westchester CA 90045 US

(818) 927-2784

The mission of The Demetrius Antion Posey School of Music Engineering (DAP ME) is to offer students an alternative vocational music engineering education. The presence of such an institution provides our inner city youth with yet another career choice while simultaneously alleviating the ever-increasing number of youth lost yearly to gang affiliation early separation from high school and subsequently, the unemployment rate. Through mentorship, structured curriculum, professional experience and a family atmosphere, DAP ME stands alone in its approach to reaching the community at large and represents an additional support system by serving as a training ground and liaison to one of the most lucrative areas of the entertainment industry.

  •  Founded in 2003
  •  Funded by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations
  •  Recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) organizationType your paragraph here.
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