DAP ME Board of Directors

PO Box 452327 Westchester CA 90045 US

(818) 927-2784

DAP ME is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization consisting of a Corporate Board, Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. Each board is designed to make DAP ME effective for students, parents and the community as a whole.

The Corporate Board consists of:

CEO - Mr. Josean M. Posey, Sr. who has 15 years of music engineering and music industry experience. Mr. Posey has made many connections in the music world and is now very excited to branch out and provide students with an alternative opportunity in their lives.

COO - Ms. Laura Stanton has been an executive assistant for over five years. She is very dedicated to helping students succeed in life with whatever goals they set for themselves.

CFO - Mr. Lavester Williams who has 20 years of financial experience.

COP - Ms. Danielle D. Smith who has over ten years of publishing and record company experience.

Secretary - Ms. Staci Ridley has over 17 years of banking experience and has had her notary commission for over 10 years.

The purpose of the Corporate Board is to keep the everyday operations of the school running efficiently and address all of the issues that arise with DAP ME. The Corporate Board members are the founding members of DAP ME.

The Board of Directors consist of:

The DAP ME Board of Directors will consist of at least four elected members. The directors shall be elected at The Board of Directors meeting and will consist of unrelated individuals selected from the community. The officers of The Board of Directors of DAP ME will consist of a Chairman, President and Vice-President. There will also be a secretary for all recording purposes.

The Advisory Board consists of:

Volunteer members of the community and professionals from all backgrounds who will provide their expertise as well as time and experience to assist in the functioning and future growth of DAP ME. The Advisory board was created to give the community and professionals a chance to be a part of the DAP ME family.